Photographs — Our Specialty
We use acid free clear corners to hold the photo in place on an acid free substrate board, and acid free matboard — color matched to your photo paper. Ultraviolet-protected plexiglass (or glass if you prefer) tops off the archival framing we are known for. Surround your image with a moulding chosen from our amazing array of woods in black, white, silver, or natural — traditional to contemporary, or customized finish.

Will it Float?
Fine art prints (especially those with deckled edges) make us want to rise up above the surface. Floating a paper print on top of a thick paper or foamboard platform gives a three-dimensional appearance to your art when it is recessed back into a 1–2-inch-deep frame. Double-floating adds layers of matboard and spacers to add dramatic effect that accents the art.

We also use the floating technique for three-dimensional collectibles, artifacts, and autographed memorabilia. Sports jerseys are hand-stitched to background fabric covered boards in a deep profile moulding. Baseballs, bats, and guitars are all framed with a variety of techniques to hold them in place without compromising their integrity.